October Update

Hey there Filmpunchers, I just wanted to make a quick update video to let you know that we are still alive and kickin’ over here at Filmpunch. We are working hard on rebuilding the site and have a few exciting things in store for the near future.

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  1. Avatar of Matthew Pryor

    I was so happy to see an update! nice to see you guys are still alive! :D
    I posted some stuff about it before, but im working on a show called Freedom Fighters.
    With me being 15 and all its been kinda difficult doing stuff for it, but i have wanted to make something since i was 10 and i am determined to do it now. I have kind of gone back and forth with some stuff, like the story, how it will start, what the characters will be like (im really focusing on character development) and just little things that make the characters seem more real. I will be posting some stuff about it on the forums here in the next day or two but that’s what im doing! :) Thanks again for the update though! I look forward to seeing the new website!

  2. Avatar of Jesse

    Now that is uncanny. I literately just got a haircut yesterday! Thank you for the compliments ;)
    I got a few videos in the works personally, and one even involves a collab with a fellow filmpuncher! Stay tuned for details.

  3. Avatar of Josh Bailey

    Haha, I love your face when you discovered the camera.

    I’m in one of the phases where I have too many partially finished ideas that I’m trying to work on. Some are too big, some are small but I’m not satisfied with them yet. I really need to just write a short script that I don’t over think and can realistically go out and make since it’s been so long.

    • Avatar of Jonathon Keeler

      I’m in the same boat man. I’m just trying to make myself write a little bit everyday, its helping a lot creative wise. It’s nice to just get a few thoughts and ideas out onto paper.

  4. Avatar of Zdenek Ruzicka

    I am really curious what the new features are! Looking for space sounds pretty exciting, keep us posted! And that ending was such a “twist” right? RIGHT?!

  5. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    I NEED a haircut badly. I think I’ll come back and watch this again after I get one… So glad for an update! You guys just keep pluggin away. We’ll still be here to take part in all the cool new stuff. As for my projects, I’m in the process of writing a script for a new short film. (It’s different from that other one I brought up ages ago. XD) Im pretty pumped about it and we are set to shoot hopefully in mid November. Otherwise, I’ve been working a lot on filling my youtube channel with content. I’ve been meeting some wonderful people and it’s going pretty well. Kyle’s project is awesome and now FULLY FUNDED GUYS! So go congratulate him and check it out!

    Tune in next week for another thrilling episode of.. “When a Comment Becomes a Monster Paragraph!”

  6. Avatar of J.J. Petty

    Well, I won’t be filming for awhile. Just got a mission call from my church and will be in Brazil for the next two years!

    But, I intend to come back when I get back, so keep on keepin’ on Filmpunchers!

  7. Avatar of Austin Philip

    Brand new member!

    Like, I just created my profile today. I discovered your site through some Olan Rogers videos. I really like what you’re doing and I really hope your site will blossom into the massive amount of potential it has.

    I’m currently working on applying to Film School. I’ve been telling stories through the medium of film since I was in middle school. I’m applying to University of Southern California (of course), Chapman University, University of Texas at Austin, and New York University. I apply to Chapman in 6 days… *Insert shrieks and random arm flailing*

    Anywho, I’m excited to be part of this community and even more excited to help out filmmakers trying to get their start just like me :)

    • Avatar of J.J. Petty

      Well welcome!

      Any and all help you can provide (or receive) is great! Just remember to be friendly, and don’t stop heading onward towards your dreams!

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