Weekend Challenge 1

Write and film a 1-2 minute video somehow incorporating a cheeseburger, a flower, and a “C47″ (hint: not the airplane)

Once you have it uploaded to your video streaming service of choice, post a link to it here:


Submission deadline is midnight on Tuesday, June 19th (Pacific Standard Time)

Then, we will pick our favorites and showcase them in a blog post on Friday, June 22.

The goal here is to encourage you guys to get out and practice your craft. This isn’t about which short is the best or worst. So go out there and have some fun.

20 comments on “Weekend Challenge 1
  1. Avatar of Jesse

    A cheeseburger, a flower, and a C47… This is gonna be good :)

  2. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    :D Let the fun begin…

  3. Avatar of J.J. Petty

    I haven’t heard “C47″ in a long time…This ought to be fun!

  4. Avatar of Josh Bailey

    Awesome! Still saving up for a camera, but hopefully I can find time to write up a little script. :) If I did that, where should I post it?

  5. Avatar of Josh Bailey

    Also, I LOVE the intro and outros. Did you guys do the microscope in the outro with Blender or another 3D program?

  6. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    O’ Ryan is it? Are you going to wear a new Olan Rogers tee shirt every video? Because if so, I’m pretty dang excited.

    • Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

      Is it wrong that 90% of my T-shirt wardrobe consists of Olan shirts? We both love the guy, and support him. It’s entirely possible that in the next video BOTH of us might be donning Olan shirts.

  7. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    Haha nothing wrong with it at all! I love Olan too. Plus his shirts are just really cool on their own. Almost done with the challenge…..

  8. Avatar of Gunner Willis

    Whens the next challenge gonna be put up, I’m ready

    • Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

      Gunner, we are taking a short break. Be looking for the blog post that will explain why ;) Our reasons, I dare say, are valid.

  9. Avatar of mykefedora

    what kind of camera did you use to film this? quality is epic

  10. Avatar of Joseph M. Gayoso

    Did you guys make the music that continues at the end of the video? If not, who did, because I really enjoy it!

    • Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

      I believe that one is Anamanaguchi. Great chiptune band from NY.

      We buy most of our music off of the Vimeo Music store for our videos!

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