Weekend Challenge 3

This Weekend’s Challenge Guidelines:

- Write and shoot a short that includes the line, “That’s not mine,” in your dialogue.
- Edit your video down to two minutes or less.
-Once you have it uploaded to your video streaming service of choice, post a link to it here:

Weekend Challenge Forum Post

Submissions must be entered by Tuesday, August 14th.

We can wait to see what you come up with!



Not a Myth – Nick Wees

People Like Me – Dalton Morrison

The Night – Jesse

Creepy Lighting – Dominic Panico

12 comments on “Weekend Challenge 3
  1. Avatar of Vince Garbarino

    Im going to try my best to get something uploaded this time! It’s hard not having friends available or interested in being a part of my film ideas or want to help. I have a sister who would help, but it will be hard to have a two person dialogue. So, I guess its time to get creative ay? :D

  2. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    I was working on a 48 hour film project last challenge, so I was bummed I missed it. I’m totally doing this week’s. Thanks again for the outlet.

  3. Avatar of Vince Garbarino

    Kind of depressed, my camera (iPhone) stopped working in the middle of recording. I have about half of the shots I wanted haha So, I probably wont have something ready. I might just upload what I have maybe?

  4. Avatar of Phlume

    Alright… I guess I’m in for this one. Got some cool footage but now I have to splice it all together. I have an idea, but let’s see how it comes out!

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