Weekend Challenge 4

This Weekend’s Challenge Guidelines:

- Take something mundane that you do everyday and make it seem epic and awesome! Close-ups, quick cuts, and music and sounds are your friends here, so use them (not like friends).
- Edit your video down to two minutes or less.
- Once uploaded to your video streaming service of choice, post a link to it here:

Weekend Challenge Forum Post

To be eligible for a feature in the next challenge video, submit by Wednesday, August 29th.
We encourage you to participate in this challenge at anytime, though!

Be sure to check out the last challenge’s entries!

12 comments on “Weekend Challenge 4
  1. Avatar of Zdenek Ruzicka

    It’s on like Donkey Kong!

  2. Avatar of Vince Garbarino

    Aaaanyway, I hope to have something for this!

  3. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    …..got it. ;D

  4. Avatar of Will Jenkins

    Thanks for extending the deadline!

  5. Avatar of Phlume

    Yes.. the extended deadline is great. I’m wrapping up mine right now and should be uploading to vimeo shortly.

  6. Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

    C’mon, @steveruzicka, we wanna see what you’re made of. Next Weekend Challenge you’d better show up in a big way, or so help me…I’ll fly on over to Praha and find you ;) Really, I will.

  7. Avatar of Zdenek Ruzicka

    @Andy you creeped the heck out of me. I’ve broke my hand, got a bit hectic :) Yet you scared me so much that I’ve put something very quickly together, few hrs to edit and I’ll post it :) You’re a serious man dude. Hh.



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