Weekend Challenge 5 : The Cliffhanger

This week’s challenge is an exercise in editing. Sometimes it can be easy to rely on a music track or a sound effect to deliver emotion and meaning into your scene. But the skill to tell your story with visuals alone is one that has to be practiced and honed.

This Weekend’s Challenge Guidelines:

- Theme: Cliffhanger. Tell a story, pull the audience in, and then leave ‘em hanging.
- Must include at least one wide shot, a close-up, and an insert.
- Silence:  No music. No sound effects.
- Edit your video down to two minutes or less.
- Once uploaded to your video streaming service of choice, post a link to it here:

Weekend Challenge Forum Post

To be eligible for a feature in the next challenge video, submit by Wednesday, Sept. 12th.
We encourage you to participate in this challenge at anytime, though!

Be sure to check out the last challenge’s entries!

7 comments on “Weekend Challenge 5 : The Cliffhanger
  1. Avatar of Jesse

    Oh man. You weren’t kidding about kicking up the difficulty.. I’m really looking forward to everyone’s submissions though! I need to start writing. lol

  2. Avatar of Phlume

    It such a broad topic… I have ideas, but cant decide on which to do. Maybe I’ll focus on the kids again… Either way I like the Silence idea! lets see what appears!

  3. Avatar of Kiah Graham

    Oh man…Better start writing and brainstorming. This will be a good challenge!

  4. Avatar of Zdenek Ruzicka

    In post wuaaa!

  5. Avatar of Will Jenkins

    Ok I know I’m way late but I think I might have one coming…

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