Weekend Challenge 6 : Rrromance

This week’s challenge involves the use of audio cues to enhance your story. A romance scene can easily be an awkward type of scene to film. But it can also be the most fun. Show us the love.

This Weekend’s Challenge Guidelines:

  1. Theme: Romance. Maybe some candles, a little Gaussian blur, perhaps a flower or two? (keep it safe for work, though)
  2. Audio: You must somehow use the three included audio clips. In part or in whole. So long as all three are included in someway.
    Download the audio clips
  3. You must avoid the use of the phrase “I love you.” There are many other ways to say it without actually saying it. Perhaps visually?
  4. Edit your video down to two minutes or less.
  5. Once uploaded to your video streaming service of choice, post a link to it here: filmpunch.org/forums/topic/challenge6/

To be eligible for a feature in the next challenge video, submit by Wednesday, Sept. 26th.
We encourage you to participate in this challenge at anytime, though!

9 comments on “Weekend Challenge 6 : Rrromance
  1. Avatar of Kiah Graham

    Excited to get on this! I feel like I can take a very creative way of doing this. Also real quick, did you guys have audio sync issues? I feel like the sound was slightly off. Not by much and no big deal obviously, but just wondering if I am going crazy. :p

    • Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

      Hmm, Andy just said the same. Not seeing it on some computers… strange?

    • Avatar of Kiah Graham

      Yeah, it’s really weird for like some of the video it was perfect, but for some of the end it was slightly off. Very weird.

  2. Avatar of Dominic Panico

    This maaaay be a perfect opportunity for me to test out my new mic. That is as long as the package has not been stolen yet by the time I get home due to the UPS guy apparently leaving the package next door under a tree…

    • Avatar of Kiah Graham

      Haha, I don’t mean to laugh, but next door under a tree?! Jeez…May I ask what mic?

    • Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

      you should leave a note under the tree of where you would like the UPS guy to leave your packages… Maybe he is under the impression that you just wanted it there. Haha

  3. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    I wish I could do this one….My workload is a little steep this week. Frickin responsibility…..

    • Avatar of Jesse

      I hear ya on that one. I’ve been working 40+ hours a week at my job and school on top of that. However, I am resolved to do each weekend challenge, not matter how long it takes me =P Hope to see you next time around!

    • Avatar of Will Jenkins

      Jesse I love the resolve! Wish I could be so resolute but it looks like I gotta bow out of this one too I’m afraid… I’m stuck in Long Island working some especially Long Hours :(

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