We’ve Moved

It’s official, the new Filmpunch headquarters is now located in the heart of the bustling harbor city of Seattle in the grand evergreen (ever-rainy) state of Washington. This move has been in planning for a couple years now, but not until this past year did things really start lining up to make this dream a reality. Making a move of this magnitude was more than just a simple road trip across the country. We had to pick up and leave pretty much everything we’ve ever known far behind us, Mom, Dad, the couches, the beds…even time. There’s a three hour timezone shift! I’d like to think of it as we traveled back in time permanently to ensure our future, you know, John Connor style.

While we are working on building a better Filmpunch, we wanted to get an idea of what you would like to see this site become.

We are dedicated to making Filmpunch the best filmmaking and storytelling community there is – help us by taking this survey.

14 comments on “We’ve Moved
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  2. Chris Lloyd said

    Seattle is awesome! And totally got the Portlandia reference, both because the show is great and because I’m originally from Portland haha

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    I’m attending Oregon State University, but my hometown is right next to Portland. You guys should come film around the Portland area sometime! I would be more than happy to meet you guys and show you around.

  5. Avatar of Jesse

    Hello again! I’ll definitely be filling out that form after I get off tonight. Good to have y’all back!

  6. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    Filled out the survey. Glad to see you. And I’m glad you made it to Seattle in one piece. I wish I could join you in any meet ups but I’m on the east coast. You guys have done a great job so far. I’m happy I can be a part of this community and I look forward to what’s ahead. :)

  7. We recently moved to the Portland-ish area, and during our first month of citizenship we watched Portlandia. All. The. Time. New-comer orientation I guess.

    I originally found the site thru Olan Rogers and the Pop Rocket article. Will you guys be at his Eat a Slice event in Seattle? https://www.facebook.com/events/156070834554058/

  8. Avatar of Chase

    Will you guys be posting again soon?

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