It’s what goes in the lens…
Light play, technique, composition, tips and tricks, visual effects, glass, and more.

18 posts
Acting & Directing

Picking the right canvas chair…
Methods, technique, advice, and project management.

17 posts
Story & Writing

Getting your imaginings written down.
Character development, script formatting, dialogue, and critique.

25 posts

What you need to get stuff done.
DIY know-how, deals, reviews, and how to use all that stuff.

24 posts

Getting it together.
Planning, scheduling, logistics, casting & auditions, locations, and budgeting.

6 posts

Time to wrap it up.
Color grading & correction, special effects, editing techniques, and workflows.

13 posts
Production Design

The “art department.”
Set design, prop building, wardrobe, and hair & make-up.

5 posts

Well, it is 50% of your film, you know?
Foley, diegetic sounds, scoring & composing, and other resources.

14 posts

So many tools, which to choose?
Reviews, tutorials, tips & tricks, key commands, and resources.

24 posts
Punch Recipes

No, really… if you got ‘em, you better share ‘em.
Feeding the crew, catering tips, ideas, experiences, and punch recipes.

4 posts

Got something to show off? Post your stuff here to get critiques
and feedback. We will also be looking here for videos to feature on the site as well.

49 posts
Bug Reports

Find something broken? Report it here.
Be sure to give as much info about the issue as you can.

14 posts