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Caleb Davies on March 26, 2013 at 10:23 pm

So! I noticed there’s been a sad lack of the usual envigorating discussions we see here on Filmpunch, so I’ll ask a question that’s been nagging at the back of my mind: What’s the proper procedure for vlogging? I have plenty of my favorites to look at for inspiration, like Rhett and Link, Olan, AmazingPhil and a few others. They each use different formulas for success which I like, but I’m wondering exactly what makes them successful? Rhett and Link use nearly no jump cuts, which lends a wonderful sense of originality and sponteneity to their videos. AmazingPhil uses his random humor (and garageband) to make his videos unique. And Olan, of course, uses his awesome storytelling presentation and theatrical flair to make us all guffaw. WHAT IS THIS HORSERY? How do I learn the ways of these guys? I have garageband! I have a webcam! I have a thousand years worth of awkward stories! what do I do? Sing? Dance? Use dynamic camera angles to accentuate the natural progression of my story arcs? Needless to say tips will be appreciated.

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