GHOST OF OLD HIGHWAYS is a short film based on the song of the same name from the album “Highway Collection” by LOVETT.

The film was directed by Dan Bush and features an original score from Lovett based on the song.

“Ghost Of Old Highways” has screened in 20 cities, 4 countries, and won 9 international film festival awards including Best Score, Best Cinematography, and Best Experimental Film. It was released online June 12th, 2012. Watch the exclusive behind the scenes documentary and view Portraits and Production Photos from the set all at

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The original music from the film is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and most digital music outlets.
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5 comments on “GHOST OF OLD HIGHWAYS
  1. Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

    Be sure to watch the behind the scenes! It is equally as interesting as the short!

  2. Avatar of Dominic Panico

    This was awesome, I loved the filming, music, and of course the axe jump was epic! Will watch behind the scenes.

  3. Avatar of Caleb Davies

    Wow! I wish someone would do a video with THIS song:

    Jus’ sayin.

  4. Avatar of Joseph M. Gayoso

    It’s funny how this song gave me the idea of a story dealing with a time loop… and then I find that’s what this is. Very creative and well done!

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