A Terribly Colossal Heartbreak

A short made for every content creator, writer, artist and filmmaker.

Song: Wander Waltz – Jacob Montague

7 comments on “A Terribly Colossal Heartbreak
  1. Avatar of Dominic Panico

    This is awesome. So true.

    • Avatar of Dominic Panico

      Also what kind of lens can or mm of lens to get that detailed close up look on his face?

    • Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

      I think Jake has the Nifty Fifty (50mm F1.8) And the t2i kit lens (18-55mm f3.5-5.6 ES)

      You can get pretty good close up images with both of those. Not quite macro.

    • Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

      Now, that O’Ryan mentions it, I do remember seeing the Nifty Fifty in his bag.

  2. Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

    Honestly, I don’t remember Jake’s arsenal of lenses, but I know he has the kit lens 18-55mm and something else, smaller . . . 40mm?

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