by The Voices Project

16 year old Adam cruelly teases a classmate. When he seeks her out to apologize, she has quite different plans for him. Years later, when least expected, the memory of this event comes back to haunt Adam.

Mia Morrissey as Bat Eyes
Ben James as Adam
Director: Damien Power

Producer: Bec Cubitt
Co-Producers: Eleanor Winkler & Eva Di Blasio
Cinematographer: Simon Chapman
Production Designer: Andrew ‘Undi’ Lee
Editor: Nikki Stevens
Sound Designer: Sasha Zastavnikovic
Composer: Brendan Woithe
Executive Producer for atyp: Dan Prichard



One comment on “BAT EYES
  1. Avatar of Duch

    I highly enjoyed this film but it got me off when they started to kiss; I get the feeling I am missing something…

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