Boardwalk Empire Main Title

Main title sequence to the show Boardwalk Empire, produced by Imaginary Forces. Nominated for the 2011 Outstanding Title Design Emmy.

Designed & Produced by Imaginary Forces
Directors: Karin Fong, Michelle Dougherty
Executive Producer: Anita Olan
Producer: Cara McKenney
Designers: Karin Fong, Lauren Hartstone, Michelle Dougherty
Editor: Caleb Woods
VFX Supervisor: Jeremy Cox
Compositors: Jeremy Cox, John Stanch
3D Animator: Nate Homan
3D Tracker: Joerg Liebold
Additional animation: Matt Lambert
Storyboard Artist: Wayne Coe
Matte Painter: Amy Paskow
Design Assistant: Andy Chung
Design Interns: Alex Huang, Karin Soukup
Coordinator: Kacie Barton
Live Action Line Producer: Jennifer Pearlman
Directors of Photography: Aaron Phillips, Russ Swanson
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Wes Carrier
Music: Brian Jonestown Massacre

One comment on “Boardwalk Empire Main Title
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    Jerry Levinski said

    I love how in the very end, the surf hitting the shoes is reversed, so it leaves Nucky’s shoes pristine as it recedes. That was perfect. Any way you look at it though, they had to ruin a beautiful pair of wingtips. The costumes in this series were amazing.

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