Cold Front

Music by Hammock.

Director: David Altobelli
Producer: Sarah Park, Ryan Kohler
DP: Larkin Seiple
Prod. Design: Ethan Feldbau
Exec. Producer: Sue Yeon Ahn
Prod Co.: Burbank Gamma Ray

4 comments on “Cold Front
  1. Avatar of Dominic Panico

    Soooo good. I would really like to see the making of their music videos. It would be most interesting.

    • Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

      I think the music videos for “Cold Front” and “Tape Recorder” were shot at the same time, as they both feature the same girl. And I agree: would love to see the BTS for this. David Altobelli has such a beautiful filmic eye…doesn’t hurt that he shoots on anamorphic, either. :P

    • Ktoś said

      This girl also starring in video to “Sinking Inside Yourself”. I wish to know her name.

    • Ktoś said

      Now I know. Her name is Jessica Nicole Collins.

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