Commissioned by our client, A/G NYM, we were charged with the task to create a short film based around theme “Finish(ed)” – the idea of overcoming the immediate while pressing on in the greater journey.

It was filmed on site for 10 days in Colorado with Andy Catarisano leading the shoot and Jon Prensner feeling the cold burn of antiquated hiking gear. This project was conceptualized around a year ago, and the cast/crew did an exceptional job in bearing both sub-zero temperatures as well as the burden of time that a project can take. After an initial delivery 3 months into the project, the team charged through and pulled off sets of revisions to bring this piece to the place it deserved to be, so massive thanks to everyone.

4 comments on “Finished
  1. Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

    One of the coolest narrator voices. I want to hire that grandpa!

  2. Avatar of Ben

    WAAAAAIT. Who made this? Woah.

  3. Avatar of Ryan King

    This is brilliant! Love the scene when they (him) are all pulling the rope. You guys nailed your theme!

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