Jack and the Dustbowl

Jack Spriggs, a poor dust bowl farmer from Alabama, is determined to keep his family’s land. Set during the Great Depression, record heat waves and over-farming have turned the once fertile soil into worthless dust. Refusing to become a victim of his circumstances, Jack embraces his surroundings and digs in. Jack’s tenacious spirit and ingenuity will either keep his family together or he’ll lose everything trying.

This film is handcrafted by the artisans of Whitestone Motion Pictures.


Behind the Scenes

4 comments on “Jack and the Dustbowl
  1. Avatar of Marshall Maldonado

    This was fantastic! :D

  2. Avatar of Derek Davis

    I can not speak more highly of this film and the individuals who created it! It was an honor to be able to work along side the team, and their latest film, “Tiny Little Words” will be released today!

    • Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

      Um… I just watched “Tiny Little Words”


    • Avatar of Derek Davis

      It was a fantastic short film as well! It was an absolute pleasure to help the team, and even more will be on the way soon, specifically a World War II film!

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