Larry McConkey, SOC

To say that Larry McConkey is a “Master” Steadicam Operator does not do him justice. He is a Master’s Master and then some. It is Larry who Director Marty Scorsese will call upon to artfully muscle the quite enormous Arri Alexa 3D rig on a Steadicam for the award winning “Hugo” film of late. He employs such grace, wit and stupendous expertise in every act of Steadicam valor on every set in every frame. Are we all fans? Yes, we sure are.
Larry was and will be the last ever Steadicam Operator recipient of the SOC’s Mobile Camera Platform Operator Award. He defines it. There will have to be a new category devised if someone else thinks they are deserving of this sort of recognition.
Watch this virtuoso pianist play the scales of framing.

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