Leave Me


*WINNER of the 2009 36-Hour ChristianFilmmakers.org Contest
*Honorable Mention for Drama at the indieProducer Film Fest (10/1/2009)
*WINNER of the Best Short Film category at the 2009 Script2Screen Film Fest in Tulsa, OK! (10/4/2009)
*Official Selection of the Mammoth Film Festival
*WINNER of the Best Narrative Short for the Trail Dance Film Festival (1/24/10)
*Placed on the Paste Magazine Quarterly DVD Lineup for subscribers
*WINNER of the Best Short Film Award by HOSFU at the Gideon Media Arts Conference & Film Festival (6/6/10)

2 comments on “Leave Me
  1. Avatar of Jesse

    Really good short film. I really liked the concept. The ending was a tad abrupt for my liking, but I really enjoyed the film regardless.

  2. Avatar of Matt Gordon

    This was really something great. Good job.

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