Postcard From 1952

Postcard From 1952 - Explosions in The Sky

by peter simonite

4 comments on “Postcard From 1952
  1. Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

    This is wonderful. Almost every single one of the memories portrayed here, I remember doing when I was a child . . . except trying to pull a kaleidoscope away from another boy at a birthday party (it was probably a Gameboy). Everything from the antiquated color grading; the slow-mo, which brought out memories of sprinklers magically scattering droplets of water; rainbows in bubbles, and running a stick across the spikes in a fence—was beautiful and real.

  2. Avatar of Connor Justice Norvell

    Amazing! definitely an inspiration!
    do you Know what camera they used?

  3. Avatar of Austin Curzon

    Like Andy said above, this is wonderful!! The music choice paired with the slow-mo style definitely made this a memorable piece for me.

    Also the shots of the flashbulb going off are beautiful. (I think that’s what they were…)

  4. Avatar of Margaret Zimmerman

    -panting noises- Haaaaaaah that was too beautiful. Incredible imagery that felt like it was going somewhere! Wonderful insight into real feeling people. LOVE IT. Who created this?

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