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Inspired by “The Tell-Tale Heart”.

Gripped by the fear of possible repercussions and tortured by the guilt of his violent actions, Taylor seeks to hide his sins in hopes that they will go unnoticed and become no more than a dirty little secret… However, his plan quickly falls apart when he begins to see menacing visions and the line between reality and paranoia becomes blurred…Is it all in his head or can the dead truly take revenge?

4 comments on “Tell
  1. Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

    This was terrifyingly beautiful. Ryan did an amazing job holding the tension throughout the entire piece.
    I loved that it was inspired by The Tell Tale Heart.

  2. Matthew said

    I watched this yesterday. I had been following Triune Films for threeish months. It’s so amazing.

  3. Avatar of Derek Davis

    I admire Mr. Connolly’s use of paranoia, and its affect on the human mind. I feel like this characteristic of humanity and theme are not often explored in films. It is a must watch!

    On another note, Ryan is a hilarious and engaging teacher of special effects, story, and other various filmmaking tips, and I can not thank him enough!

  4. Avatar of JoelLyon

    This was amazing. I have been with Film Riot since the beginning and to see Ryan create something so great and suspenseful is amazing.

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