Temporal Distortion

Featuring an original score by Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Eureka, etc) bearmccreary.com Thanks to Bear for taking the time to do this!

Watch in HD
dakotalapse.com/?p=944 for more info and digital download.

There is a 23 minute extended cut, available for digital download here dakotalapse.com/?p=877 The feature is 23+ minutes of Milky Way, Aurora and other night timelapse, it has 2 original scores by Simon Wilkinson thebluemask.com , as well as some from his royalty free collection.

Download an MP3 of Bear McCreary’s Temporal Distortion on Amazon tinyurl.com/8955prd or on Itunes

3 comments on “Temporal Distortion
  1. Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

    Nothing like a fantastic time-lapse set to some very beautifully composed piano music to make you feel a part of this grand universe we live in.

  2. Avatar of sam clarke

    Words can’t describe how awesome this is. Shows how beautiful our world and universe really is. Love the music

  3. Avatar of ben van holstyn

    makes me remember how small i am
    Best moment for me was at 3:07-3:14

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