Tiny Little Words

by Whitestone Motion Pictures

Sometimes it’s not the words, but the silence between the words that speak volumes. ‘Tiny Little Words’ is a contemplative film about two people struggling through difficult confrontations, sleepless nights, and unbearable heartache.

The film begs the question:
No matter how painful, can any story played out long enough become a story of redemption?

A new film from Whitestone Motion Pictures.

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6 comments on “Tiny Little Words
  1. Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

    Ok. This made me cry.
    the fact that this was all done in one single take goes to prove beyond a doubt just how great a job these two actors did. truly mesmerizing.

  2. Avatar of
    Brandon Bandy said

    this is so so good

  3. Avatar of Lane Carter


  4. Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

    Stunning! Great acting. Can’t believe they got this in one shot. Great movement around the subjects, nice angles, nice colors and natural lighting, superb music, and compelling script/story; I even love the credits! *cries*

  5. Avatar of Jim E Chandler

    Whitestone never disappoints. I have yet to experience a film of theirs that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. I had the honor to work with their protege directors program on a short film entitled ‘One Night in Stockholm’. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’ll be sure to share it with everyone.

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