Tips from Bob Holmes

Bob has been all over the world and his travel photos have appeared in National Geographic, Departures, and 46 books as the sole photographer. Working outdoors on most of his trips, Holmes is an expert at using natural lighting in photos. He loves looking at natural light, and his unique tip is that you need to picture light the way your camera sees it, rather than the way you see it. And the key to learning how to use natural lighting is to practice — you can’t become a great photographer in a week, but you will get there by shooting as much as you can.

2 comments on “Tips from Bob Holmes
  1. Avatar of O'Ryan McEntire

    One of the great things about cinematography is that you can pull from photography resources for both inspiration and education. Bob Holmes is a great photographer and gives some great tips on how to get a great image – see as the camera sees.

  2. Avatar of Zdenek Ruzicka

    I love the “postcard” tip. Very cool and simple idea.

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