Tir Nan Og – multi awarded short film

Directed by Fursy Teyssier.
More information on lesdiscrets.com in the “animation” tab.

Song: “The Slow Wait, Part One”

Artist: The American Dollar

2 comments on “Tir Nan Og – multi awarded short film
  1. Avatar of Andy Ainsworth

    I’ve always loved this short animation since the first time I saw it. No words, but they’re not necessary. The story explains itself, and the tone of the music makes for a really beautiful piece. Also, The American Dollar is a wonderful band to pick up if you’re into ambient rock.

  2. Avatar of Dominic Panico

    I completely understand why you loved this from the start. The short felt very warm and enjoyable. I got sucked into it immediately. The lack of words push the film forward rather than hold it back. Sometimes, less dialogue speaks more.

    Also, The American Dollar is amazing. I wish they would come to Wisconsin.

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