Full Name

Caleb Davies



wishing I was in Hyrule


Perhaps I should start with simple adjectives.
Singing like a mad person
Obsessively Compulsive with a dash of Grammar Nazi
Stupidly romantic beyond all reason
Ok, so those were way more than simple adjectives, but at least I tried. I love to write in almost any form, and voice acting seems like a fun thing to do for me. Specialty of mine, ahmmhmm, is Yoda! I watch plenty of British television, and try to stay on the more wholesome side of stuff. I also love fantasy, and am also currently writing a book. Heh. Did I mention I’m a slight troll? But no worries, the forum will not be flooded with ponies and grinning faces…..too much. ^_^ Oh. And my mother’s a music major and my dad’s a graphic designer. Does that tell you anything else?


Acting, Music Scoring, Writing